If you have crossed 30 years of age and still want to be healthy with good muscle power, then it would be a challenge for you. Usually, once you reach mid age it is quite natural that you have less energy levels that would not support you in doing exercises.

Also, it is possible that you have been following an unhealthy life style due to which you may be eating less or are relying on food that is not nutritious. It does mean that you are putting your health in risk. Your bones would also have become very weak with less strength in them. So, when you do exercises in gym, it might result in joint pains which is even more dangerous. When you were not exercising you were healthy and why is that you are getting joint pains when you are exercising? This does mean the bones are not able to withstand pressure that is put on them while doing exercises.

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Once you get rid of these pains, you would be happy and would get motivated to spend more time in gym. Earlier, when you have joint pains you would have found reasons to stop going to gym. Now you do not have to find such false reasons and now you would find reasons as to why you are spending more time in gym.

Thus there would be a huge difference before and after using these steroids. Hope, you understand this difference that comes with using steroids and thus enjoy building muscles.