There are various types of harassment that happen in different places, and one such sort of harassment is workplace harassment, better known as office harassment. There are various other terms used for this kind of harassment, like office bullying, office aggression, etc. Workplace harassment can be of both kinds; mental as well as physical. Any sort of office harassment should not be ignored or tolerated as it has an immense impact on the mind and body of the sufferer. One such case is of kevin mullin, who had some allegation from his co-worker that he used to harass her when no one was around. No one should stay quiet in such a case as it can have a tremendous adverse impact on a person.

How is a person affected after facing workplace harassment?

Alcohol addiction

If the office harassment is intense, it may push the person towards the vicious circle of alcoholism as the victim may get quite depressed and find his/her peace in alcohol. It can cause serious alcohol addiction. Office harassment affects a person a lot, but he/she cannot think of any good solution to it and don’t go the legal way. The emotional torture and depression eat them from inside, and they turn to alcohol to lower that feeling.

Adverse psychological effects

The mind of a person gets affected a lot with office harassment, and the incident leaves a dark mark on the mind of that person. Sometimes it gets a bit serious, and the victim may suffer from some severe psychological issues.An employee facing such issues may develop some anxiety issues and sometimes may end up in depression. Office harassment has a long term impact on a person and lowers his confidence, and he may get some bad nightmares, which leads to some sleeping issues.